Team Coaching

How important is a team to your success? As a leader, vision is your vehicle to success and your team is the tires.

Public Speaking

Bring insight, energy and steps for action to achieve the results you desire. I can help your team, group or organization succeed. My focus is to give you the “how to” process that can make your plan for success a reality.

Church Development

I understand the goals and stresses of pastoring a church. I have developed a coaching model that helps pastors by taking pressure off of themselves to "grow the church."

Individual Coaching

I have a passion to help people get “unstuck”, identify their vision and achieve the life they desire. I'm here to help you discover answers you already possess within you for your personal and professional success. 


The Bounce Back Life
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Johnnie Jones
Johnnie Jones
Steven is a gifted speaker to a crowd of 1,000 or a dedicated coach when working one-on-one. He has a knack for quickly distilling the root of personal and corporate obstacles. His dedication to the topic, audience or individual makes every interaction effective and more
Kory Smith
Kory Smith
I had the amazing privilege of working with Steven for several years. Over those years I learned a great deal from him regarding how to be kinder and more forgiving of myself. Steven always guides from a caring and thoughtful place - there was a never a negative thought or judgement that came with the guidance. He is an understanding, motivational and gracious individual!read more
Diane Cassel
Diane Cassel
Steven is an incredible coach. His approach is one of giving and grace. He connects with you where you are in your journey. Steven has years of experience helping people realize their potential to live their purpose. He is an outstanding leader, providing the skills and steps to live life without more
Wendy M. Ramirez
Wendy M. Ramirez
I had the privilege to work with Steven and listen to many of his motivating talks. Sometimes you just need someone to help you make sense of "things" and he does. "You have much knowledge"!!read more
Kandy Stewart Ŧ
Kandy Stewart Ŧ
It’s a great resource from a knowledgeable, caring perspective.
Leigh Barnes
Leigh Barnes
Absolutely love the power of Steven’s gift of words .. he took the time to share with my team and helped us so much.

Coaching Service

Sometimes life throws us a curve and we lose our way. Coaching is the compass that helps us find our way back to our true purpose. Start today by scheduling a 30 minute consult to clearly define your vision.

Contact Details

5057 Keller Springs Rd, Suite 300
Addison Tx, 75001

(By appointment only)