Waiting for Success

I often meet people that are waiting to see what is going to happen next.  Success does not happen by accident.  It comes to people who have a clearly define vision for the next season of their life along with a strategic plan to walk that vision out.  However, no matter how good your strategy is, there will be times in your process where you are forced to wait for the next step to unfold.  That leads us to the question, how do we wait productively?  Let’s take a look at five steps that will help us do just that.

1.     Prepare like it is going to happen – When we truly believe that something is going to be a reality, we get ready for it.  Have you gathered the tools you    need for the next step in your vision?  Have you coordinated with other people that will be involved?  Have you put back the resources that you will need to carry out the process?  Successful people do not wait until the plane is taking off to pack their bag. 

2.     Research – While waiting to engage in the next step of your vision, it is important to stay current on all related information.  What are other experts and thought leaders in your field saying right now? Have you read the current literature?  Have you discovered a creative way to approach what you are doing so that it stands out?  Current research and innovation will give you the cutting edge in your field of expertise. 

3.     Play – Play around with your process to ensure that it will actually produce the desired results. Often things sound great in theory but do not turn out the way we had hoped. Playing with the process helps to avoid an outcome that is disappointing and ineffective.  

4.     Visualize the end result – If you take the time to imagine the end result, your brain will automatically begin to take the steps to get you there.  The relationship between your thoughts and brain is very powerful.  Your brain is the computer and your thoughts are the software.  As you continue to download thoughts of the end result that you are seeking, your brain will start to produce steps to make it happen. 

5.     Make adjustments – Flexible people have more options.  As you discover a better way of doing something, be willing to make the needed changes in order to get your best results.  Success is not about getting it all right the first time.  It is about being adaptable and adjustable in order to produce results that add value to others and that you can be proud of.

Waiting is not stopping.  It is making the best use of the time you have been given until the next door of opportunity opens.  If you have waited productively, you will be able to step through with confidence and take the action needed to achieve success.