Team Coaching

Group Coaching to get Your Team Unstuck

group coaching with steven gates

How important is a team to your success? As a leader, vision is your vehicle to success and your team is the tires. My team coaching approach will equip your team to reach their highest level of efficiency, effectiveness and professional connection.

After an initial assessment of your team including strengths, challenges and desired outcomes, we will design a creative workshop to achieve your desired results. This will equip you and your team to identify and understand the organizational vision and your individual roles in achieving it. In addition, we will engage in activities designed to foster professional empathy, unity and responsibility.

For leaders, I offer one on one coaching sessions to give you practical, effective tools that will empower your team to be confident, impactful, and achieve successful results.  

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If you would prefer to have individual coaching to set your goals and better plan for your group coaching session, find out more on my coaching page.

Coaching Service

Sometimes life throws us a curve and we lose our way. Coaching is the compass that helps us find our way back to our true purpose. Start today by scheduling a 30 minute consult to clearly define your vision.

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