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I can help your team, group or organization succeed. We are often told what is not working for us and what we should be doing instead. My focus is to give you the “how to” process to make your plan for success a reality.

I offer the following presentations for your events and professional development opportunities.Choose from any of these powerful keynote workshop trainings for your team, group, organization.  

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Keynote/Workshop Speaking Titles

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How to Succeed After Failure

Progress does not have to stop when we fail. Failure is a part of every success story. We can learn valuable lessons from failure, reset our minds and emotions with wisdom and bounce back smarter and more resilient than ever!

In How to Succeed After failure, you will:

  •         Learn how to successfully respond to guilt and regret
  •         Discover how to create future success after failure
  •         Leave with the tools to prevent repeating failures

Thriving Beyond Criticism

There are many challenges that we face on our journey to reach our full potential. One that can be detrimental to our progress is unconstructive criticism. Without the right tools, negative criticism can stop us in our tracks.

In Thriving Beyond Criticism, you will:

  •         Learn to distinguish between constructive and destructive criticism
  •         Discover how to effectively respond to negative criticism
  •         Learn the importance of knowing your strengths and weaknesses
  •         Identify steps to overcome negative criticism and achieve success

Changing for Good

Have you ever wondered why changing behaviors and breaking bad habits can be so challenging? Even when we are able to improve an area of our life, why does it so often seem to be temporary?

How about your family, friends, co-workers and clients? Do they ever continue to repeat behaviors even though they cause discouragement and damage to their lives and relationships?

In Changing for Good, you will:

  •         Learn the connection between human needs and destructive behaviors
  •         Gain an understanding of why we do what we do
  •         Leave with the tools to achieve consistent personal change and help others do the same

Mindsets that Feed and Foster Success

If we want to achieve success in our lives, we have to take an inventory of how we are thinking. The mindsets that we own and foster create the lens through which we see our world. This lens has a powerful effect on our outcomes. It determines success or failure in our careers, relationships, finances and the vision we desire for our future as well as any other area of progress that we wish to achieve.

In Mindsets that Feed and Foster Success, you will:

  •         Learn the powerful connection between mindsets and outcomes
  •         Examine the process and usefulness of taking a “mindset inventory”
  •         Discover the technique of positive exchange as it relates to mindsets that feed and foster lasting change and success in our personal and professional lives

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